Yoder's Good Health Recipe


  • * This recipe is an all-natural supplement containing aged apple cider vinegar and fourteen herbs and spices and made using an old mountain recipe.

  • * This recipe has been around a long time. We have thousands of satisfied customers using it. It has never been advertised or promoted as the latest "miracle of the month".

  • * Many products on the market contain synthesized chemicals or fillers. This recipe DOES NOT. It contains no preservatives, no added sugars, and NO ALCOHOL.

  • * The ginseng used in this recipe is 100% wild-grown Kentucky Mountain Ginseng, the best in the world.

  • * All of the ingredients are either organic or wild-crafted. No pesticides or chemicals are used in their growing or processing.

Yoder's Good Health Recipe

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Today the use of medicinal herbs is sometimes misunderstood and is often ridiculed by some within the medical profession. Rather than studying the history of herbal medicines, many of the young doctors of today choose to ignore it in favor of high-tech, high-priced pharmaceuticals which are supported by millions of dollars of advertising. We believe that there is a place for herbs right along side the thousands of synthetic drugs on the market today. The herbs contained in Good Health Recipe have been used both individually and in combination to relieve and/or treat over 130 ailments and conditions. 25 oz - $21.99